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I was going to make a long post about the places I'm going to and all that jazz to avoid packing, but avoiding packing also means delaying getting my yuletide fic done (well done, Georgia, such responsibility, wow). Anyway I HATE PACKING and I am SUPER ANXIOUS ABOUT YT but I'll manage. See you in thirteen days!
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So uni doesn't start for another week, the people from the place I'm volunteering at haven't contacted me yet, and in general I have a whole lot of free time; this means, I am devouring books, tv series, movies, and manga alike. I also decided I am going to document my media consumption in this journal because a) I need to document my media consumption SOMEWHERE, b) I want to use this journal for SOMETHING.

Which brings me to the fact that this morning I started reading Urasawa's 20th Century Boys and I am now in the middle of volume 5. I've had a weird headache these past few days, which means I should probably rest my eyes for a bit and not look at a screen, but also I am SUPER INTO THIS and wow, there are seventeen more volumes and it's already almost the end of the world, and I am casually thinking about marathoning this because WHAT EVEN IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Before anything else, I really want to thank you for offering to write for one of these οbscure fandoms! Thanks in advance for whatever you choose to write for me - I'm sure I'll enjoy reading your story, and I want you to enjoy writing it as well; that's pretty much the point for me. Thus, the following are just general suggestions and prompts, which you can follow if you want but ignore if they don't suit you.

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I did not actually manage to do all the things in my "do before flight" list, as you can probably tell, but it doesn't matter because I had to leave anyway, and am now in RHODES. Rhodes is amazing, AA+, I recommend you to visit and if you ever do, let me know so I can tell you all the good things about it.

One of my admittedly hilarious favourite things about vacationing in Rhodes is that I get to wake up early. This is strange and also the opposite of both what people usually do during vacations and what I do the rest of the year, but my grandpa is an early riser and very stubborn about other people getting up early too (once when I was eight he put opera on really loudly. It was almost eight in the morning). But I actually enjoy being up early, so I begrudgingly get myself up in the morning. The good thing is that I CAN ACTUALLY GET UP if my grandpa wakes me, because alarms will do nothing for me, and that I feel very nice when I'm up early and have the whole day in front of me. I also manage to DO A LOT OF THINGS THIS WAY, so I tend to write, draw, and read more. So, awesome.

Also hilarious is my reading list for the following three weeks, because the books I packed with me are:

-Albert Camus' The Stranger
-Diana Wynne Jones' Deep Secret
-Maurice Merleau-Ponty's Cezanne's Doubt and The eye and the spirit
-Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy
-Kate Elliott's Cold Magic

So you either get YA FANTASY or PHILOSOPHY AND AESTHETICS, which are both things I'm into, but also in quite different sides of an imaginary book spectrum. I don't know, it just looked funny to me when I opened my suitcase.

Things I plan to do here other than meeting friends, swimming, and reading:
-Go to the aquarium and draw the fish!
-Visit the medieval castle and palace for the first time since I was like, nine, show off (to myself probably) about newly acquired history of architecture knowledge :DDD
-Write lots of fic?? WRITE LOTS OF FIC!!
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I am really bad at blogging at platforms that are not tumblr (too easily distracted, too lazy, too forgetful), but I am very good at using them for one thing: to-do list before leaving for vacations.

So: today is July 1st and I am leaving in two and a half days for my mom's homeisland. Things I have to do before then:

-Get birthday gift for cousin, pack it in luggage.
-Get birthday gift for friend, give it to her
-Buy sandals (???)
-Call other friend, apologise for not calling on birthday, catch up.
-Reply to art classmate's message
-Write letter to penpal, send it
-Order books from amazon so you can get them when you get back (ask parents whose name you should put on the order)
-Pick books for summer!!!
-Clean closet up
-Mend pants
-Talk with people about vacations, arrange payments for tickets
-Go get tickets #1
-Transfer photos from camera, send them to people


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